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is a 24 hour recreation education center. Our children need a safe place to go when they have nowhere to go. Equipped with English, Math and Science classrooms, a social media room, recording studio, cafeteria, counseling rooms, gymnasium, and bedding area. The A.R.K.™ is what is necessary to Save Black Boys!

Muse Arts Program

Muse Arts program will be an arts program that will teach African art while teaching the basics of drawing. This program is actively being put together as we speak.

SBBOKC Debate Team

More details coming soon.


Paper Sack Project

Join us on the last Sunday of every month during the fall & spring to pass out sack lunches to those on the streets of OKC. This venture is 100% community funded. No organizations, just people who care. Sign up here at:

Ralph Ellison Reading Clinic

Is a tutoring program that is held every Saturday during the school year at Ralph Ellison Library in OKC at 9:30am - 12:00pm. The program focuses on reading, reading comprehension, and mathematics. For more information email

SBBOKC Athletics

More details coming soon.

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