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Save Black Boys™, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization was designed to raise awareness & consciousness about the state of OUR children. The statistics about the rampant murders and recidivism are there, but these negative facts are not our focus. We simply want to rebuild the minds of OUR children and young men

The Program: The Save Black Boys™ Program is built on the 8-point program designed by Critically Acclaimed Author and Activist Kevon Gulley.
1. Career & College Preparation
2. Group Counseling
3. Sex Education
4. Driver’s Education
5. Negativity Detoxing
6. S.M.A.R.T. (Single Mother Awareness Readiness Training)
7. Gang Intervention & Prevention
8. Community Service

The Goal: The A.R.K.™ = (Atonement Respect Knowledge) is a 24 hour recreation education center. Did you know 96.7% of all after school programs close after 6pm? Yet 98.6% of all fatal shootings occur between 8pm and 11pm. Our children need a safe place to go when they have nowhere to go. Equipped with English, Math and Science classrooms, a social media room, recording studio, cafeteria, counseling rooms, gymnasium, and bedding area. The A.R.K.™ is what is necessary to Save Black Boys!

The Dilemma: We can’t build these A.R.K.™ centers all over the U.S. without your help.


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